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Painting has been proven to relax people and what better way to start taking time for yourself and tapping into some mindfulness.  It is amazing what happens when you pick up a paint brush, whether you are a first time painter or someone who paints regularly.

My husband David, worked a very stressful job which meant he was never able to fully switch off.  One Summer we went to Centre Parcs and David reluctantly came pottery painting with me and the boys.  Much to David's surprise he was engrossed in painting and said afterwards that it was the first time in years he was able to switch off and relax.


The sugar bowl he painted sits very proudly on our kitchen work surface to remind us that we can all be creative and the benefits of taking time for ourselves - oh and that we had a wonderful family break in 2015!

Come along and feel the benefits of painting with friends or just enjoying time on your own.

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